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Home Page of the Manhattanville College Library

Policies (See important note for Fall, 2020)

Some policies below may be suspended or revised in Fall, 2020.  See our COVID-19 Contingencies page for updates.

Access to the Library Building

The Library serves the academic needs of the Manhattanville College community. Other authorized users with limited privileges include current ID holders from Purchase College and Keio Academy, paid members, faculty from WALDO libraries, and visitors with a scheduled appointment. Anyone else wishing to use the Library must schedule an appointment by calling 914-323-5282.

24 hour access applies to Manhattanville College ID holders only. A Manhattanville ID card is required to enter between 8pm and 9am.

Unaccompanied minors are not allowed in the Library building.

Access questions? Contact Jeff Rosedale, Library Director.

Cell Phones

Cell phone conversations are allowed in the Library Cafe and outdoors, but prohibited elsewhere in the Library.  Please  silence ringers and text message alerts at all times.

Food and Drink

Snacks and drinks are permitted in most public areas in the Library with the following restrictions:

Permitted NOT Permitted
  • Dry snacks (e.g., crackers, pretzels, candy, cookies, etc.)
  • Drinks in covered containers
  • Any food or soft drinks either inside the Library Cafe or outdoors
  • Messy or aromatic items (e.g., plates of food at a workstation or table, pizza, etc.)
  • Drinks in containers without covers
  • Any food deliveries to the library building
  • Any food or drinks in the Archives or Special Collections 

Why do we have food and drink restrictions?

  • To protect collections and equipment.
  • To prevent infestation by bugs, mice, and other pests.
  • To keep floors and furnishings in good condition so others can enjoy our  facilities.

Please help us ensure our library stays clean and inviting.

  • Pick up after yourself.  
  • Report spills promptly to library staff.
  • Dispose of wet trash in covered garbage cans or in receptacles outside the building.
  • Please recycle.  
  • Leave spaces the way you found them.  Thank you for helping to keep your Library clean.

Off-Campus Database Access

Off-campus database access is limited to active faculty and staff, and matriculated students in the current academic term. All others may purchase a membership and use databases in the Library building only.


Alumni of Manhattanville College and adult members of the community can purchase a Library membership at the Circulation Desk. Membership privileges include limited borrowing, but no offsite access to Library databases. 

Please see our Memberships page for more details.


Manhattanville College students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials from the Library by presenting a valid Manhattanville ID card at the Circulation Desk. Some materials are for in-Library use only.

Loan Periods

Please note that periodicals, microfilm, and reference materials do not circulate.

Circulating Books Course reserves; Laptops, Cameras, and Other Equipment Compact Discs (CDs), Videos & DVDs, Other Media 
(Manhattanville Students, Faculty and Staff only)
Students: 28 days
Faculty: 180 days
Staff: 28 days
Alumni: 28 days
3 hours;
Reserves are for in-Library use by students, faculty, and staff
3 days

Overdue Fines
The purpose of overdue fines is to share library materials fairly among all members of the Manhattanville community. 

Please note that a replacement charge and processing fee will be automatically added to these figures for lost, damaged and long-overdue items.  After items are returned the replacement charge and processing fee will be cleared, leaving the borrower responsible for the late charge only.  Replacement fees vary widely according to the type of material loaned.  Please pay special attention to caring for loaned laptops, cameras, videos, and course reserve materials.

Circulating Books Course reserves; Laptops, Cameras, and Other Equipment Compact Discs (CDs), Videos & DVDs, Other Media 
(Manhattanville Students, Faculty and Staff only)
Fine Rate:  $0.50 per day
Maximum late fine per book:  $25.00
Fine Rate:  $1.00 per hour
Maximum late fine per item:  $50.00
Fine Rate:  $5.00 per day
Maximum late fine per item:  $15.00

Fines are payable by cash or personal checks only. Payment can be made at the Circulation Desk during normal business hours. 

Questions, inquiries or concerns can be sent by email to the Circulation Department or by phone at (914) 323-5275.

Loan & Fine Policies for Books Borrowed Through Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

ILL Due Date

The Due Date for ILL books varies according to policies set by the lending library. Every ILL book comes with a paper sleeve attached with the due date and policy information.  The ILL book sleeve may not be removed; if an ILL book is returned to us without a book sleeve, a fine of $10.00 will be charged to your Library account. 

Renewing an ILL book

Renewals to extend an ILL due date are entirely at the discretion of the lending institution and cannot be guaranteed.  Please follow renewal  instructions on the ILLiad User Help web page.  Please submit renewal requests at least three business days before the book is due. 

When the Interlibrary Loan department receives your renewal request, it will contact with the lending library and notify you by email of all new Due Dates.  Renewals must be requested before the due date on the paper sleeve, and are granted at the sole discretion of the lending library.  

Overdue ILL Renewals

Once an ILL book is overdue, it may not be renewed.

ILL Overdue Fines

A fine of $1.00 per ILL book per day is charged. 

ILL books returned 25 or more days late will be assessed a maximum late fine of $25.00 per book.   ILL fines should be paid promptly, by cash or check, at the Circulation Desk. 

Lost ILL Items

A replacement charge (at the lending library's discretion) and our processing fee ($15.00) will be added to the maximum late fine for each lost, damaged or long-overdue ILL book.

ILL Use Restrictions

On occasion, the lending library places restrictions on ILL books given to you.  If there are any restrictions, they will be noted on the paper sleeve of the borrowed book. 

Recalled ILL Books

Sometimes the lending institution will recall your ILL book because they need it.  In that event, our office will call you and ask you to return your ILL book to our Library within two business days, otherwise ILL fines will accrue accordingly.

Materials Ineligible for ILL Requests 

  • A/V materials (Videotapes, DVDs, CDs, cassettes, phonograph records)
  • E-Books
  • E-Journal printed material
  • Most textbooks

ILL Additional Information

Many academic libraries (including Manhattanville College Library) are closed during the holiday season; therefore, expect delays of up to 2 weeks for requests submitted during the last two weeks of December.

Kindly respect the privileges we enjoy as a borrowing Institution by handling all books with care and respectfully observing due dates.

Printing, Photocopying, Scanning, and Faxing Facilities

The Library has several high-speed printers.  Printing requires a campus ID or a printing card available for $5.00 at the Circulation Desk.  Students get 300 pages of free black and white printing every semester.  Charges after that are 5 cents per page. Printers are also capable of copying and scanning.  A print account refill machine is located in the copier service area.  The machine accepts $1 and $5 bills only.

Two touch-screen scanners are available in the same service area.  Files can be transmitted to a smartphone, email account, cloud storage account, or USB drive. 

A public Fax machine is located adjacent to the photocopiers.  Payment is by credit card only.

Use of Library Spaces

The Library is an academic building.  Library spaces are used to support teaching and learning through study, class meetings, College events, and academic activities.

Faculty and staff members may request to use a library space for academic purposes by completing the form located under "Services for Faculty" on the library web  site.  Please note that no new event reservations will be accepted in the final weeks of the semester.

Events must start least 30 minutes after library services open, and end at least 30 minutes before library services close. Library service hours are posted at

Library public spaces are generally not for use by student clubs or non-academic functions.  Please request a space in Brownson Hall, Berman Students' Center, or Reid Hall instead.

Filming and Photography

Filming and photography in the Library building requires the advance permission of the Library Director.


Patrons are responsible for ensuring that materials received through Interlibrary Loan are used in accordance with copyright law.
The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.