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Citation: Citing Sources/MLA 8th

The Citation Station, located in the Library Reference area, is designed to help you with your citation questions.

Citing Sources-Diagrammed Citations

Example of a scholarly article:

Color-Coded Diagram of Scholarly Journal Article Citation Example

MLA 8th Comprehensive Tip Sheet


Citing Multimedia and Social Media (Including Film, Video, and Streaming)

MLA Style Center

Other MLA Formatting and Style Guides(8th)

How to cite a table and figure

Documenting Legal Citations in MLA 8th

MLA 8th In-Text Citation

Video Lesson: In-Text Citations (From EasyBib)

Cartoon image of girl asking "When do I use them?"  Text above reads" Include an in-text citation when you...

In-text citations are important and should be regularly used by students in their research projects to:

  • Prevent plagiarism
  • Allow readers to see that a piece of information originated elsewhere
  • Provide readers with a glimpse as to who created the original source
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, analyze, and connect the information from other sources to their own research project topic or thesis statement

MLA  In-Text Example 

(Author’s Last name Page number)

Prisoners were told to bring, “a backpack, some food, a few items of clothing. Nothing else” (Weisel 35).

MLA Practice Template

At Manhattanville College, we have decided to include access dates for content retrieved online.

Using MLA Format (From the MLA Style Center)

MLA 8th Edition

END OF PAPER CHECKLIST-Columbia College, Vancouver Canada





Representing Evaluation in Your Writing