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Classic Citation Guide: Mendeley: Create Bibliographies While Writing

This guide provides tips on citing various citation styles most frequently used at Manhattanville College..

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Creating Your Bibliography While Writing

Mendeley offers word processing plug-ins for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice.To install the plug-ins, go to the Tools menu on the Mendeley Desktop version. In the drop down menu, click on the appropriate line to "Install MS Word/LibreOffice Plugin"Once you download and install Mendeley Desktop to a computer, you can install the Microsoft Word Plugin. Open the Desktop, then click on Tools, then Install MS Word Plugin. You may have to close and reopen Word for the install to be completed.

  • In Windows machines (some versions MS Word), you should find the Mendeley toolbar in View > Toolbars in the word processor menu. Select the Mendeley toolbar, and you should find buttons "Insert Citation", "Insert Bibliography", etc.
  • In MS Word 2007 and 2010, the Mendeley plug-in may be found in the Word "References" ribbon.
  • In Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac, the Mendeley text menu will be found by clicking on the script menu: Script menu icon.
  • To add a citation while writing, just click on "Insert Citation" and a pop-up box will appear offering the opportunity to search for your citation by author, title or year in your Library or your Groups, or to go to Mendeley directly.
  • At the end of your paper, click "Insert Bibliography". Your bibliography will appear, and new citations will be added automatically.
  • Change bibliographic styles with "Choose Citation Styles" in the Mendeley toolbar. Choosing this option in the word processor will not necessarily change the style in your Mendeley Desktop version Library.


Select Insert Citation from menu bar

Mac and Windows


Depending on your operating system, the MS Word Plugin will appear differently. If you are using Word for Mac, you will have a floating bar or an Add-in, depending on your version of Word (Pictured: Word 2016 for Mac):

On Mac select Add-ins Picture of menu bar


If you are using Word on Windows, the Mendeley Plugin will be integrated in the Word Ribbon. Unfortunately it closely resembles the Built-in "Insert Citation" tool in the Ribbon, so be careful to choose the "Insert Citation" with the Mendeley icon on it (Pictured: Microsoft Word 2013): 

Word Mendely plugin  on the Word Ribbon