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Library Strategic Plan: Home

A page to describe library planning initiatives.


Content on this guide is frozen as of Fall, 2022.  Strategic Plan tracking is moving to the College-wide AEFIS management platform.

The Manhattanville College Library supports each student towards ethical and socially-responsible development for a global community.  Library spaces and programs create community with engaged scholars and teachers.  Library staff and services provide tools for both personal and career success.  The Library maintains a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing environment highlighting service and leadership.

This site serves as a strategic plan for the Manhattanville College Library over the next 3-5 years. Observable outcomes will build on our strengths:  service-oriented staff, deep collections, welcoming and useful facilities, and innovative technologies. 

Here is how the site is organized:

  • Planning Framework:  Environmental Scan, Local Context, Self-Assessment.
  • Manhattanville College Library Today:  More than meets the eye.
  • Goals and Objectives:  Desired outcomes.
  • Updates: Follow-up on student and faculty suggestions, new initiatives.

Please browse and let us know what you think.  Thank you for visiting!

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